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Sarrapia, Vichada, Colombia

The Colombian Amazon is synonymous with life, natural wealth, and diversity. The fruits from this region have great nutritional properties, which is why they are known as superfoods.

One of the most outstanding fruits is the Copoazu, a natural ingredient ideal for the cosmetic and food industry thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune system strengthening properties.

Its main products are Copoazú Butter and Copoazú Pulp.


Copoazu pulp

- Product under development  -

Food use

This Amazonian fruit is ideal for the preparation of ice creams, juices, nectars or desserts. 

  • It is rich in vitamin C.

  • Its chemical composition gives it a pleasant creamy texture, due to the content of high molecular weight carbohydrates (starch and pectins).

  • Contains theacrine which provides anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuro-locomotor properties, contributes to the regulation of the lipid profile.

  • Increases energy sensation, reduces fatigue

Pulpa de copoazú
Manteca de Copoazú

- Product under development  -

Copoazu butter

Food use

Copoazú, like cocoa, belongs to the Theobroma family. The butter obtained from its dried and fermented almonds has similar uses to this product.

The main difference with cocoa is in the nutritional value. The copoazú has greater antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity thanks to the polyphenols accompanied by its differential flavonoid profile. In addition, it has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids (i.e. arachidic acid (C20) and behenic acid (C22)).

Another great benefit of copoazu is the low presence of palmitic acid. This saturated fat is attributed with effects that induce atherogenesis, weight gain, insulin resistance and inflammation.

Copoazú, besides being an exotic and delicious species, is an alternative to replace traditional chocolate as it is a product with similar sensory character, lower saturated fat content, and ample nutritional benefits.


Cosmetic use

Due to its moisturizing properties and wide variety of fatty acids, Copoazú butter is an excellent ingredient for the elaboration of hair products and body creams:


  • It is an excellent emollient and lubricant, providing pleasant touch, and softness to the skin.

  • It has a high water absorption capacity, approximately 240% higher than lanolin.

  • Improves skin elasticity.

  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces transepidermal water loss by acting on fluid balance.


This story is special not only because of the product but also because of its people.

It is a sustainable agro-industrial project built with the community, benefiting 40 small farmers and more than 400 people of the Piaroa indigenous community of Sarrapia.

The Piaroa indigenous people have been called the farmers and protectors of the jungle and live in the Gran Resguardo de la Selva Matavén, in the departments of Vichada and Guainía (Colombia).

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Kawau coraju

This project is an initiative of: Kuawa Woraju Farmers Association, Bekoherent and The Staterra Corporation (StaterraCorp).

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